Why are doctors will not warning about the 'new Thalidomide'? (1 year and 11 months ago)

May 20, 2012

Emma Murphy's three children were irreversibly damaged in the womb by the anti-epileptic drugs she had taken since she was 12. full story

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Lawyers 'told doctors to exaggerate crash injuries' (1 year and 11 months ago)

Long shifts 'put doctors at risk' (1 year and 11 months ago)

Season's first Atlantic tropical storm forms off South Carolina (1 year and 11 months ago)

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Jamie Oliver urges MPs to stop academies selling junk food (1 year and 11 months ago)

Hodgson's warning: Misbehave and you will not be playing for England again (1 year and 11 months ago)

Cheryl Cole shares her beauty Cannes do's & don'ts (video) (1 year and 10 months ago)

Hospice MD Announce Release of "Tips for Optimum Pain Management at the End of Life" (1 year and 11 months ago)

Lockerbie bomber: new drugs helped Abdelbaset Ali al Megrahi live longer (1 year and 10 months ago)

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